victor de boo 


graphic art

Between 2017/2018 Victor made a serie called 'JAZZSESSION'. Hereby you see a few of these works. The artworks are available in a limited signed edition of 25 Hahnemuhle Fine Art Prints ( 50x50cm or 100x100cm ).
There are a few exhibitions in Holland were you can see and buy this work ( check 'NEWS' ).
Its also possible to order his work on this website. Sent a message by filling in the form at the 'CONTACT' page and you will be informed about all the 'JAZZSESSION' artworks in stock and the current prices.

video art

Victor also makes videos. His last project was the promo clip for the album 'BLUE' of The Preacher Men. With this album they finally won the prestigious Dutch jazz award 'JAZZ EDISON 2019'. For this video he did all the editing with special typographic effects and made more than 55 drawings.
He also made promo clips for Popschool Amsterdam and The Jazz Cowboys.

 video stills

  • IMG_2764
  • IMG_2768
  • IMG_2767
  • IMG_2770
  • IMG_2771
  • IMG_2741_2
  • IMG_2772
  • IMG_2742_1
  • IMG_2773
  • IMG_2743
  • IMG_2774
  • IMG_2777
  • IMG_2744
  • IMG_2775
  • IMG_2776

engelbewaarder posters

Here some posters he makes each week for the sunday session in Cafe the Engelbewaarder
  • IMG_2733
  • IMG_2702
  • IMG_2732
  • IMG_2731
  • IMG_2729
  • IMG_2724
  • IMG_2723
  • IMG_2722
  • IMG_2721
  • IMG_2720
  • IMG_2719
  • IMG_2718
  • IMG_2716
  • IMG_2715
  • IMG_2711


 Here you will find some other work like the children's book 'DE KNIJPERS KNIJPEN 'UM' , vector icons for the Amsterdam company: , T-shirts for the band , promo for business card for and lots of new work. 


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