victor de boo 


graphic art


Lately Victor is working on his exhibition 'JAZZSESSION' which is an adjust selection out of 40 posters he made for Cafe de Engelbewaarder in 2017/2018. This serie will be released in a small edition. Hereby a few examples.

video art


Victor also makes videos. His last project was for the new Preacher Men album "INTO THE BLUE" rereased by Zennez records. For this video he did all the editing and made more than 55 drawings with  special typographic effects. Other clients are Popschool Amsterdam and The Jazz Cowboys


engelbewaarder posters


Here some posters he made ( 2017/2018 ) for the sunday jazzsesion at cafe de Engelbewaarder



Here you will find some other work like the childrens book 'De knijpers knijpen 'um ' ( 2010 ) and the vector icons he made ( 2017 ) for the Amsterdam compagny , Electrumpet promo ( 2018 ), jazz t-shirt design ( 2018 ), new work and some Engelbewaarder posters ( new season )



funny travel pics

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